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Dear Randy and Mary,

Congratulations and God's blessings on your recent marriage!
So very happy for both of you!

Our family is praying for your full recovery, Randy, and
our prayers have included Mary and her family as well.

Always A Fan,
from Omaha


ratliff1980's picture

congrats to both of you and i pray you have a long and happy marriage goodbless yall
AmyLynn87's picture

Randy, I hope you are doing well and are in good spirits!! I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love you, I've been listening to your music since I was three years old ( I'm 28 now) and I've never heard anything I love more than your music. Deeper than the hollar and forever and ever Amen and I told you so are my favorite songs of all time. I learned to sing by singing along with you ( though a bit higher as I'm not a baritone ha-ha), I've never had the chance to meet you but I hope that I will some day! Know that you are so very loved by my family and I, You'll be in my prayers!! Forever and ever , Amy V.
velcro's picture

Randy, You have a beautiful voice and so many love you. Make the best of the years you have left and give your life to God. Use your voice to praise the Lord, be a minister. My husband was an alcoholic and he spent a month in rehab. He is so much happier now. You can do it, throw out all the booze and see what a great life you can have with Mary. You only need her love to make you happy, the booze won't do it.
ladybug94's picture

hi Randy, I've been a fan of your music since I was about 15 or 16 years old. You're music is so soothing to me. My fiance Monte says hi too and he's a big fan of your music as well. He would love to play guitars with you sometime soon. Both of us are praying for your recovery everyday and that you get stronger and stronger each day. One of our favorite songs of yours is "Forever and ever. Amen" we both pray each night that you can start singing again Soon, and congrats on your marriage too Forever and ever amen Kate and Monte
jenniferoconnor's picture

Congratulations Randy on your marriage! Your wife is beautiful...God has blessed you with an angel to love, support, and help you through life's ups and downs. I am so happy to hear of your marriage, and I will continue to pray for your complete healing. Always your fan, Jennifer O'Connor

CONGRATULATIONS to you and to you too Mary I hope that GOD will bless you and keep you both safely in the palm of his hands and Forever Together In Each Others Arms Forever And Ever Amen! and I hope that life will keep you kind and above all this Mary will always love you Randy FOREVER AND EVER AMEN RANDY! and plus Randy keep the Faith in the lord Always Randy I WILL KEEP YOU AND MARY IN MY PRAYERS OK RANDY. LOVE YOUR FAN RANDY, ANGELA HARTMAN.
dacsr's picture

Congratulations Randy and Mary! May you have a full life of love and passion for each other. Prayers are going out for you Randy! You have so many fans that love you and will always follow you!
CamoQueen's picture

Congratulations on you marriage i continue to pray for Randy and his healing God Bless you both. Your Friend Jay
Renee Lloyd-Plyler's picture

Randy, continue to get well. We need to hear more from you. I have always been a fan. Looking forward to getting your new CD! Renee from South Carolina
jghenderson's picture

Randy & Mary: Blessings on your recent marriage. And Randy, you keep improving. I won't be satisfied until I can attend at least a thousand more concerts to hear my favorite singer belting out some real county songs. A North Carolina Fan, Gregg Henderson