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jfannthemusicman's picture
POSTED BY: jfannthemusicman
May 08

I grew up on his tunes and love them all!

May 07

So glad to see that Randy has come above all the trials and tribulations that he endured during difficult times !!
I am sure he is back and if possible BETTER !


Mrs.Travis's picture
POSTED BY: Mrs.Travis
May 04

Happy Birthday Randy see you in Tacoma :-)
Your biggest Fan from Germany :-)

Cindy F's picture
May 02

i remember in Summer of 1986 while dating my now hubby of 26 years we were at the Sugar Land Music Festival when a young shy man stood and chatted with me and my hubby for probably 30 minutes. We were so shocked when we see this same shy guy walk out on the stage. We had no idea we had been talking to Randy Travis. Thanks for a great memory. Keep singing as you did all those years ago.

taffy's picture
POSTED BY: taffy
May 02

Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY :) Hope to see you soon.

grayson1's picture
POSTED BY: grayson1
Apr 30

Coloradoans very much enjoy your music! Need to have ya' in Colorado Springs for a concert. Keep hangin' in there, Randy.

hawk heart's picture
POSTED BY: hawk heart
Apr 29

We lost the Greatest singer of all time..George Jones.
My heart is aching. Randy is the ONLY man who can even fill his shoes. Miss you Randy. I have been a avid fan since I first seen you on Pop Goes The Country. In the 80's. I went to see your shows anytime you were in our area. I had joined your original fan club and I have saved a lot of the thigs that your fan club sent. And it was by postal mail!!!! Not computer. : )
May I ask if soon you will have a new album and start to Read More

LoveTalent's picture
POSTED BY: LoveTalent
Apr 27

I know this was a big loss to you, as one of his biggest fans. Please stay strong; I have faith in you. God blessed you with loads of talent and we all appreciate it every time we hear your voice. Thanks for sharing some of the greats with us on your recent Anniversary CD. I loved it. You even sound like George in several places. I'm not sure who it was on one of the songs but I'd swear I heard a little Waylon through someone else on it. Some great sounds of country music. It Read More

KathyAustin's picture
POSTED BY: KathyAustin
Aug 22

Randy has my prayers with him that this little bump in the road will not cause him any problems in his career. I love listening to his albums and am learning to really love some of his gospel music. Keep up the good work Mr. Travis!

fairchildbecca's picture
POSTED BY: fairchildbecca
Aug 21

Dear Randy, my mom worked in an antique store in Stanfield, NC and the other lady there said she taught you how to play guitar. You are from my neck of the woods tho' I live in Greensboro now. I've always admired your singing. You have a beautiful God-given voice and talent. I hope you can feel whole and joy in your life. Seek God and you will find Him! I know you have the roots of faith. My faith has brought me along many hard times. I would love to be your friend, although I'm sure you Read More